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My Academic Publications

To learn a bit about my other publications, click the My 500 Features tab. Here, let me list my two dozen-plus academic publications. (For more about my two academic books, Language and Its Disturbances in Dreams, and Jews and Medicine, visit the My Books page).


The publications listed below are articles in academic journals, chapters in academic books, and encyclopedia articles. (Unless otherwise stated, I am the sole author.) The covers of most of the respective publications are shown in the column on the left.


"Einstein's Dutch connection"; with H.N. de Lange, Higher Education and Research in the Netherlands, 23(3/4), pp.18-21 (1979); Spanish version "Einstein en Holanda," Enseñanza Superior e Investigacion Cientìfica en Holanda, 23(2/3), pp. 18-21 (1979); Dutch version "Einstein in Nederland," Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde (Netherlands Physics Journal), A45(4), pp.131-136 (1979).


"Linguistic aspects of Freud's dream model," International Review of Psycho-Analysis, 8(3), pp.299-314 (1981).


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"Verbal aggression in Dutch sleeptalking," Maledicta, 5, pp.285-297 (1981).


"Review of A.L.M. Coenen De Slaap [Sleep]," Gedrag (Netherlands Psychology Journal), 9(1), pp.56-61 (1981).


"From Einstein to Whorf: space, time, matter, and reference frames in physical and linguistic relativity," Semiotica, 45(1/2), pp.35-64 (1983).


"Dream speech and neurobiological dream models," Sleep Research, 12, p.179 (1983).


"Verbal behavior in dreams; neurobiological implications for LSP reading?," in A.K. Pugh & J.M. Ulijn (eds.) Reading for Professional Purposes: Studies and Practices in Native and Foreign Languages. London: Heinemann, pp.321-341 (1985).


"Dream dialogue and retrogression: neurobiological origins of Freud's 'replay hypothesis'," Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, 21(4), pp.321-341 (1985).


"Content analysis of dreams elicited by telephone"; with M.A. de Jong, in W.P. Koella, E. Rüther & H. Schulz (eds.) Sleep-84, pp.341-343, Stuttgard: Fischer (1985).


"The dream-scripter and the Freudian ego: pragmatic competence and superordinate and subordinate cognitive systems in sleep," Journal of Mind and Behavior, 7(2/3), pp.169-201 (1986).


"A geophysical note on man's free-running circadian rhythm," Journal of Interdisciplinary Cycle Research, 17(2), pp.113-119 (1986).


"Review of David Foulkes' Dreaming: A Cognitive-Psychological Approach," International Review of Psycho-Analysis, 14(2), pp.279-283 (1987).


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"Found: first dental school's first DDS diploma – or so the date said," Bulletin of the History of Dentistry, 43(1), p.24 (1995).


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"Orthodontics and the millennial mechanical ideal," The Angle Orthodontist, 69(6), pp.553-557 (1999).


"The millennium and TMD: 'A medical no-man's land'?" Cranio: The Journal of Craniomandibular Practice, 17(4), pp.229-232 (1999).


"Cognitieve activiteit tijdens slaap: dromen en droominhoud" (Cognitive activity in sleep: dreams and dream content), in A.L. van Bemmel, D.G.M. Beersma, J.H.M. de Groen, W. Hofman (eds.), Handboek Slaap en Slaapstoornissen (Manual of Sleep and Sleep Disorders), Amsterdam: Elseviers (2001).


"William T.G. Morton and 'The Great Moment,'" Journal of the History of Dentistry, 51(1), pp.27-35 (2003).


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"Jews, the Diaspora, and the emergence of Freud's psychoanalysis," Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: Origins, Experiences, and Culture, ABC-CLIO: Santa Barbara pp.301-305 (2008).


"The Yiddish-German irony," Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora: Origins, Experiences, and Culture, ABC-CLIO: Santa Barbara pp.191-93 (2008).


"Review of Mitchell B. Hart The Healthy Jew: The Symbiosis of Judaism and Modern Medicine," Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies, 28(1), pp.203-06 (2009).


"The original 'magic bullet' is 100 years old," British Journal of Psychiatry, 195(5), p.456 (2009).